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SUV that drove into pond 'likely took the off-ramp too fast'

Car that drove into pond 'likely took the off-ramp too fast'.JPG
A white Acura MDX "likely took the off-ramp curve too fast" and ended up in a pond near 2100 N. in Salt Lake City Monday, July 6, 2020. (UHP)

An SUV had to pulled out of a small pond Monday afternoon after the driver took an off-ramp curve too fast, Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) says.

UHP says The driver of a white Acrua MDX "likely took the curve of the off-ramp too fast."

That off-ramp was near 2100 North in Salt Lake City.

No injuries were reported, but there was some minor property damage, although troopers did not clarify what was damaged other than the SUV.

The off-ramp was closed briefly while crews worked to remove the car from the pond.