Teacher, who targeted students from troubled homes, begs judge for castration over prison

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Teacher, who targeted students from troubled homes, begs judge for castration over prison.{ }(Photo: Escambia County Jail)

A Florida high school teacher -- who pleaded guilty to sex crimes with his juvenile students -- begged a judge to order him to get castrated so he "can stay home and raise" his daughter, according to the Pensacola News Journal.

Mark Lua, 32, was arrested three separate times -- all related to various sex crimes with his female students.

In a rare request last week, Lua asked the judge to order him to be castrated, rather than serve time in prison.

Lua said:

My actions were despicable to say the least. I do believe that punishment is necessary, and I am requesting chemical castration not only as a punishment but as an act of solidarity to show how sorry I am for everything. If your honor is so inclined, I am even willing to undergo physical castration if that way I can stay home and raise my daughter."

Chemical castration is a legal, yet rare option for those convicted of sexual battery in Florida. Lua wasn't convicted of sexual battery, however, and was not eligible for castration.

The judge ignored Lua's request and sentenced him to 12 years in prison followed by 15 years probation, according to WEAR-TV.

Last year, Lua made a plea deal where he pleaded guilty to promoting a sexual performance by a child, unlawful sexual activity with minors, and two counts of unlawful sexual activity with minors.

In court, state attorney Erin Ambrose said of Lua:

He seemed to seek out girls that came from unstable or troubled homes. He manipulated them, and he betrayed them because he was a teacher.”

Lua was first arrested for using a fake Instagram account to ask children for sex.

His second arrest came after a student told authorities that she and Lua had sex.

Lua's third arrest came after a sexual assault accusation from a former student.

During his sentencing, Lua seemed to blame a disease for his actions. He told the judge he suffers from neurofibromatosis, which, since he was 14, has caused "numerous painful, tumorous growths on his skin." He told the court he was suffering from panic attacks about the disease around the same time the crimes took place.

Ambrose, however, said:

This condition did not seem to debilitate him while he was trolling the halls, looking for students to have sex with."