Trend: Utahns have stopped filing unemployment claims, getting back to work

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Utahns have stopped filing unemployment claims, getting back to work (Photo: KUTV)

The number of unemployed Utahns is still high but, thousands have gotten back to work as the state reopens. In the face of near record unemployment there’s a trend emerging that has not been seen during the pandemic until now.

For the first time more people stopped filing for unemployment than people who filed. Angela Tuttle is one of the Utahns that stopped filing unemployment and is now back at work.

For sixth week, Utah's new unemployment claims drop amid record volumes

“When we found out that we were closing we didn't know for how long really who knows how long this could last” Tuttle says when she found out in March her employer had to close down.

Tuttle is an esthetician and lost her job for eight weeks.

“I felt really hopeless I felt really overwhelmed, I mean I'm a young adult I've never had to file for unemployment” Tuttle says who lost her job for eight weeks.

More than 150K Utahns were unemployed in April during pandemic

But, according to the most recent reporting period the division of workforce services showed about 6,500 Utahns got their job back and stopped filing for unemployment.

For context, up until that point roughly 1,000-1,500 people a week stopped filing claims. While she’s happy to have her paycheck back, Tuttle wonders if she and those who are now back at work now will lose their job again if there's a second wave adding “I tell my girls that come to see me in another four weeks, hopefully I get to see you in another four weeks because who knows?”

Life is certainly different, but Tuttle sees even more change in her future adding “I can't live in a world that is contingent on people coming in to see me, I can't rely on that it's not reliable.”

Kevin Burt, the head of Utah's unemployment division says this trend is an encouraging sign.