Utah Burger Bar's kangaroo burgers poorly timed?

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Utah restaurant serving kangaroo burgers. (KUTV)

ROY, Utah (KUTV) -- A popular burger joint in Roy is stirring up controversy for its latest choice in exotic meat: kangaroo meat.

Burger Bar, off 1900 West is known for its exotic meat of the month, but some say this month store management has taken it too far.

Amanda Wade saw the sign advertising the kangaroo burgers as she walked by.:

Poor kangaroos! Who does Australia is going through a lot of problems right now with the fires and everything. Millions of animals are dead.

Experts estimate nearly 1 billion animals have been killed as brush fires continue to burn in Australia.

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“It’s probably not the best time to have it on the menu,” Rob Wilson, a Burger Bar customer said, “You see on the news images of kangaroos fleeing the fires through all the smoke and the haze.

Several customers 2News talked to agreed, the kangaroo burgers seem badly timed. But Joe Fowler, manager of the Burger Bar said they ordered the meat months ago:

It was on a ship coming to us long before the fires even started.

The order takes months to process and the kangaroo meat arrived at the end of December. Fowler said:

We actually considered not doing it but kind of logistically it’s difficult to hold onto hundreds of pounds of meat. We don’t have space for it.

They decided rather than wasting the farm-fresh meat, to serve it anyways. Fowler said they’re actually helping Australia’s economy with their business.

“It shouldn’t offend people, really. It’s just hamburgers. We’re not making a statement or anything,” he said.

While the kangaroo burgers are turning away some business, it’s bringing other customers in. Fowler said they’ve had a more positive reaction than negative.

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Bronson Volk said he comes each month to try the exotic specials and kangaroo is no exception.

“I think people should probably stop being so sensitive about stuff,” Volk said.

Burger Bar said they do not serve any meat from endangered animals.

If Australia sees a major population decline because of the fires, they will consider taking kangaroo off the menu in the future.