Utah police officer helps deliver baby on side of road

Utah police officer helps deliver baby on side of road. (Photo: West Valley City Police Department)

A West Valley City Police Department officer is being praised for his quick actions to help deliver a baby on the side of 3100 South.

According to the department, Officer Jeremy Dean was driving on 3100 South when a man in the car in front of him abruptly stopped. The man got out and waved Officer Dean down.

The man's wife was in labor and the couple was not going to make it to the hospital in time.

Police said in a Facebook post:

Officer Dean grabbed some gloves and there, right in the middle of 3100 South, caught this brand new baby girl as she made her entrance into the world! Thankfully, a West Valley City Fire crew showed up quickly and got the new baby and her mother safely to the hospital.
Officer Dean, a four year veteran of the WVCPD says even though he has kids of his own, this was a first! He usually leaves the catching of babies up to the doctors. Great job today to Officer Dean for his quick actions to help this family. We wish them the best of luck with their brand new baby.