Utah police use flash grenade to capture Calif. man accused of killing high school student

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Flash grenade.{ }(FILE: Getty Images)

A California man suspected of killing a 17-year-old high school student last week is now in custody after being caught by police in Centerville, Utah.

According to the Centerville Police Department, 20-year-old Joshua Rodriguez of Tuolumne, Calif. was wanted in connection to the Sept. 16 killing of Eric Aguilar, who was gunned down in the parking lot of Sonora High School in Sonora, Calif.

Centerville police received a tip that Rodriguez was hiding out with a woman in a camper trailer in the backyard of a Centerville home.

In a news release, Centerville police say:

Due to the dangerous nature of this situation, the Bountiful Metropolitan SWAT team was contacted by Centerville Police to assist."

The SWAT team used a flashbang, also known as a flash grenade, to capture Rodriguez shortly after midnight Saturday.

No one was injured and police say Rodriguez was taken to the Davis County Jail without incident.

Centerville police say:

Following the arrest, a knife, a cell phone, and some drugs (marijuana) were collected from the scene. The female who was with the suspect was detained for an interview but released without charges. No new charges were filed by the Centerville Police Department at this time. Mr. Rodriguez will be held by the Davis County Jail pending extradition proceedings."

Rodriguez is being held without bail.

Correction: Police initially said the homicide happened in Sonoma, Calif., but have since corrected it to Sonora, Calif.