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Utah ski resorts look ahead to this summer, and next ski season

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Utah ski resorts look ahead to this summer, and next ski season (KUTV)

All of Utah’s resorts are in their final days of the season and have made it through without any COVID-related closures or outbreaks. Now they turn their attention to this summer.

"I think we can all look forward to hiking and biking and recreating safely outdoors,” said Alison Palmintere with Ski Utah.

She said Utah resorts don't need to offer more options this summer to earn extra money after another ski season impacted by pandemic restrictions.

"I don't think resorts are trying to make up for anything that happened this past season. I think we can all agree that this past season was a great success,” she said.

She doesn't have hard numbers yet, but said this season was a win for all Utah resorts.

At Alta Ski Area, Andria Huskinson said they hope their environmental center programs can open back up this summer. She anticipates restrictions will loosen as time goes on.

"I mean, we hope. I think everyone hopes,” said Huskinson.

At Snowbird, some of the changes they made during the pandemic will stick around, like their grab and go options for food and drinks, as well as options for parking reservations.

"There were so many people who loved knowing when they left their houses that they had a spot no matter what,” said Sarah Sherman with Snowbird.

She said this summer they are expecting face masks and reduced capacity to be in play, but will be open for tram rides, hiking, the alpine slide, and their rollercoaster.

Next year, the resorts said they are expecting one of their busiest seasons ever as restrictions are lifted and people start traveling more.

While more local skiers have hit the slopes during the pandemic, the lack of destination skiers was hard on the restaurants and lodges.

“This year, though, we didn't see any international travelers, and we usually see that,” said Huskinson.

She said that for those that did come from out of town this season, the trends changed. There were fewer long weekend trips, and more cases of people staying for weeks at a time. She said that may continue into next year, as more people will likely have the option to work remotely.