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Utahns have 2 weeks left to apply for COVID housing assistance funds

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There are two weeks left for Utahns who've been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic to apply for housing assistance funds through the Department of Workforce Services. (Photo: KUTV)

The state set aside millions of dollars to help renters who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The legislature allocated $20 million in CARES Act funds for housing assistance,” said Christina Davis with the Department of Workforce Services.

That money goes to tenants, or to landlords applying on behalf of their tenants. Davis explained some of the criteria.

“If your income has been impacted, or if you’ve been financially impacted in another way — so, if you’ve been in the hospital, or a family member has been in the hospital, that would be a financial impact," Davis said.

Davis said the program has used about $15 million of the $20 million so far, approving approximately 8,800 applications. Some of those are one landlord, applying for multiple units.

“The household number is probably right around 9,000,” Davis said.

But time is running out. The program ends this month.

Those who qualify have until Dec. 15 to apply. Davis expects the remainder of the money to go fast.

“We would encourage you to apply as soon as possible, because, as of right now, that funding is going to run out... and it’ll run out," Davis said.

She says the state legislature may choose to allocate more funds, but other programs, including utility assistance, are still available.

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There are resources out there both for those impacted by COVID-19 and otherwise. If you call 211, you can be pointed in the direction of resources you may qualify for.

More information on the COVID-related housing assistance through Workforce Services can be found here.