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Utah's early risers snag Black Friday deals

Shoppers in Utah woke up early to track down a hard-to-find toy Black Friday, Nov. 26, 2021.

This Black Friday has been a busy one as shoppers got up before the sun to shop deals across the valley.

At the Fort Union Target, Amy Twede and Greg Morris were the first two waiting at the doors before 6 a.m. They introduced themselves and found out they were both looking for the same hard-to-find toy: the Magic Mixies Cauldron.

"It's sold out everywhere and we're looking for it,” Morris said.

"We don't know if it's here,” added Twede.

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Twede said she had already been to Walmart at 5 a.m., but they were sold out.

"And you guys have come to a sort of peaceful deal if there's only one?” asked 2News reporter Kelly Vaughen.

“Yes, I am going to knock Greg over and take it,” said Twede jokingly.

Others in line were shopping for TVs, gaming systems, as well as clothes and toys. Some were even shopping for KUTV’s Angel Tree Program.

At Best Buy the crowds started even earlier.

"He called me up at like 3:15 a.m. and invited me out here,” Landon Wellings said about his friend Eli Pope.

“I wanted the Xbox and some Mike and Ikes,” said Pope, shopping bags in hand.

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But the two weren't able to check everything off their list.

"Everything that we really wanted was just gone, not even in stock,” said Wellings.

While inventory is thin in many stores, Twede and Morris came out victorious. They both walked out of Target with toys for their kids.

"We had to go wait for them to take them off the pallet,” Morris said.

They said employees were very helpful. And while there were 39 of the toys to start, they aren't likely going to last.

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