Vandals smash vinyl fences in two Utah cities, costing homeowners thousands

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Vandals smash vinyl fences in two Utah cities, costing homeowners thousands. (Photo: KUTV)

Some Utahns are trying to track down a group of vandals, saying fence smashing has gotten out of control.

Police in Draper and Sandy told 2News they received four reports of damaged fences over the weekend — two in each city. Some of the homeowners said they’ve been targeted before.

Rebecca Yu of Draper said a group of people smashed her vinyl fence near 1000 East 12000 South just after midnight on Friday (early Saturday morning). It’s the second time her fence has been hit in two years.

“There’s not a point to fixing it continually when it’s going to keep getting broken again,” she said.

Another homeowner in Draper, who had her fence repaired by Monday, said she saw about seven young men in hoodies slam their bodies into her fence, then take off in two vehicles.

“People have been talking about a trend, a disturbing trend,” Yu said, “where high school students are pushing their bodies into the fence and breaking it.”

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“I would never even think to do that,” she added. “I don’t understand the psychological reasoning for that.”

Yu said she may put up a chain-link fence that’s not as easily destroyed.

“Parents, please talk to your children, and I hope that there can be some honest communication with what’s your child doing when they’re not home at midnight and 1 in the morning,” Yu said.

A resident of Sandy told 2News in an email:

We have been the victim of fencing more times than I can count over the last two years, and almost every weekend in the last 3 months. We call police and file reports each time... We have spent thousands of dollars in repairs, and now are upgrading the cameras on our home in hopes of catching whoever does it. It is not only financially burdensome but emotionally. I don’t understand what thrill these kids get from it. I do hope that you report on this issue. It needs to be brought to the public’s attention so that they can keep an eye out, and help their neighbors catch whoever is damaging their property.

2News has documented at least 30 cases of similar fence vandalism in past years: