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Face shields given to every football player in Granite School District, but not required

high school football face shields granite school district helmet kutv (5).png
Example of a clear football helmet face shield that was given to all students in the Granite School District. (KUTV)

Some high school football players are getting a new piece of protective gear. But this won’t keep them from breaking a bone or getting a concussion.

The Granite School District provided clear plastic face shields to each player at all eight high schools.

Health department guideline do not require players to wear a mask when on the field playing.

So keeping as many of those droplets as possible contained can hopefully keep them playing.

Granite School District Athletic Specialist Chris Shipman says:

It was something we wanted them to have all the tools they needed to stay safe and we saw this as one of those vital tools."

Shipman says the new guards are the same ones major college teams are using.

They have an upper and lower clear plastic portion.

“We received them yesterday afternoon they got to schools today so we are unsure how our players are going to react to them” Shipman says.

So while they were not used during Friday night’s game, the goal is to roll them out next week.

Skyline High School Athletic Director Chantil Ianu says:

I know that it will be something parents will be excited about, other teams will be excited about because that is like I said just that level up of precaution."

Ianu says every player in the district will get one and be strongly encouraged to wear it but it’s not required.

“I think the reasoning behind that is people have their choice and in football it is hard” Ianu says.

But in a COVID world — what isn’t hard?

So why players wear pads and a helmet to

stay safe — maybe a clear face guard is the next version of this new — new normal.

“We are trying to keep you safe we want to give you this we’re trying to do all we can to keep your season going” Ianu says.