Dry Fly Fishing The Uintas With The Salt Lake Fly Fishing Co.


(KUTV) - Even before Utah was deemed the “State Of Sport,” or someone coined the saying, “Bea-Utah-Ful,” the state’s natural beauty and recreational diversity has always spoken for itself. Adam Mikulich is KUTV’s resident “fish nerd” and headed into the Uintas amid the Summer heat with the guys at the Salt Lake Fly Fishing Company. They were able to catch and observe six species of wild fish while enjoying a few laughs and nature gazing. For more information about the SLFFCo and rates on a half or full day out on the river, be sure and visit - Recently Adam Mikulich beat the heat by heading to the hills with the crew from the Salt Lake Fly Fishing Company. Utah is famous for several Blue Ribbon trout streams, but it also has numerous high mountain creeks and tributaries that are home to a variety trout species.