Prep of the Week: Provo High's Ally Gomm

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Prep of the Week

(KUTV) - One of the best things about the sport of Track & Field is that anyone is welcome. No matter who you are, where you come from, what your talents may be, coaches can usually find a niche for a kid to try and participate in. Track & Field programs often times have the largest number of kids turning out, and it tends to be one of the most-welcoming sports that a kid can participate in! At Provo High School, Senior Ally Gomm loves Track & Field for these reasons of inclusiveness, but also for giving her something that she truly enjoys devoting her time to. Ally specializes in the 300 hurdles and she’s turned herself into one of the state’s very best over the years. She’s committed to join the progran at Utah after she graduates this Spring, and is excited to have another shot at a state title before her time is through. In this week’s “Prep of the Week,” Adam Mikulich meets Ally over in “Bulldog Country” to talk about her craft, spending time with friends, and about actually having a relationship with the hurdles themselves.