Tour of Utah preview

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Tour of Utah

(KUTV) - The Tour of Utah begins Monday August 12th at Snowbird and finishes Sunday, the 18th in Park City. David James sits down with 2008 Champion Jeff Louder and this year’s youngest competitor, 18 year old Kevin Vermaerke. Watch the interview here.

Dave Fox talked with Joe Dombrowski, EF Education First Race Team — former Tour champion who has never failed to finish outside the top 10.

Managing Director of the Tour of Utah, John Kimball, tells our Dave Fox that the Tour of Utah is an event that can appeal to everyonefor some very good reasons!

Dave Fox has visited with several riders and one thing they can all agree on — the Tour of Utah is indeed the toughest race in America! Here is Dave Fox's interview with Eric Young, Elevate KHS Race Team, prior to the start of the race.